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Incorporating Phylogeography into Species Distribution Models

Climate changes may lead to species redistribution or adaptation. Species that cannot migrate nor adapt to new environmental may be in risk of extinction. Species distribution models (SDMs) may help us understand how species will respond to climate changes. Our objective is to incorporate phylogeographic structure into niche models to improve species redistribution models.


Understand how species will respond to climate changes will help us implement measures to preserve endangered species or to prevent the spread of disease vectors.


Knowing that different populations of a given species may respond differently to environmental changes, we will investigate the influence of intra-specific genetic structure in re-distribution models by means of phylogeographic analysis.


The project is coordinated by Edysan Research Centre, at Universite de Picardie Jules Verne, France by Pedro Poli (pedro.poli[AT], Jonathan Lenoir and Annie Guiller, in collaboration with the FLEUR network.